FunPop 4 oz. Popper

Great for home use!

Commercial quality popper for your home! Extra deep kettle to ensure the most popped kernels!

They also now come with a "Seed Tray"

20 watt Foil Heater Stainless Steel Kettle Integral Element Easy Clean Kettle with plug receptacle 50 watt Cabinet Light Easy Access Door Drop Panel Non-Skid Rubber Feet Matching Cart 2649CR

17 5/8 W x 17 5/8 L x 24 5/8 H @ Dome 16 1/8 W x 16 1/8 W @ Base

2404 - 688 watts 120V 60HZ., 15 amp plug (NEMA 5-I5p) 5 ft. long

Availability: Usually ships the next business day


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